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Build-in microphone solution

Selected models of IP CCTV security cameras have built-in microphones, this allows the end user to disable or enable microphone audio and recording settings on software.

Audio features can be adjusted on IP security cameras.

Two-way audio feature is also available on selected models.

Easy expansion

IP security cameras communicate to NVR with network PoE switches; this allows for the strategic placement of network PoE switches in designated areas.

Future expansion of IP security cameras is more affordable and convenient, wiring is installed at closest network PoE switch and not at CCTV security system (NVR)

IP CCTV security cameras in remote locations can be connected to main CCTV security system (NVR) through wireless CCTV security access points.

Easy integration with other security devices

IP access control and IP intercom systems can be intergraded into your IP CCTV security camera network infrastructure.

The whole IP security infrastructure can be managed from one software application.

Easy relocation of IP CCTV system

Relocation of IP CCTV security system is more affordable and convenient, only one network cable will be used to relocate the security system to closest network PoE switch.

Mobile covert solution

Compact wireless IP security camera with build in micro SD card slot and battery pack; this allows the end user to effortlessly relocate covert camera from one area to another.

Network infrastructure and cabling

Companies or individuals can reduce cost by strategically planning and placing network switches in a security camera implementation.

Network infrastructure is less vulnerable to electrical interference that causes bad/low video quality.

Practical solution for smaller environments

When looking for a cost-effective IP CCTV security camera solution, a stand-alone IP security camera with build in SD card for recording can be offered.

Please note that IP security camera can be intergraded into larger CCTV security system when needed.

Benefits of IP CCTV security cameras

  • Assist law enforcement
  • Easy to implement
  • Encourage good behaviour
  • Fool-Proof coverage
  • Increase customer’s confidence
  • Keep employees honest
  • Prevent and deter crime
  • Prevent safety incidents
  • Reduce cost and risk
  • Reduce insurance premiums