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CCTV Installation

CCTV installation

cctv installation

CCTV Installation

CCTV installation and hardware has evolved so much over the last two decades. The surveillance technology has been so useful as a management tool for many companies and has become a vital part of any business base.

A well managed CCTV system will result in an ideal rise in production and a decrease in stock shrinkage after implementation of security cameras. 

Planning before implementing a surveillance system is a vital part of any CCTV installation process. Listing an appointment with a consultant discussing your needs is invaluable. Consultants with experience will be able to guide you in making a sound purchase. 

The buyer must be careful to only recognize security cameras as a product that only records to a security system. With technology advancing very quickly, CCTV has become more intelligent, offering much more.

So where are we currently regarding surveillance systems and what is available to the buyer.

cctv installation

CCTV installation for Business.

Traditionally most Businesses install security cameras to monitor staff and try to reduce internal theft. Due to a combination of AI & IoT technology cameras can offer much more. 

How does it work?

AI intelligent algorithms adopt a more convenient management method, which can timely receive alarms anytime, anywhere, and improve management efficiency.

What can it do?

Face recognition.

Business application: VIP customer recognition, Face attendance, customer demographics and business intelligence report.

Security application: Access control, Blacklist alarm, Face tracking and face search.

Quickly identify people and realize intelligent alarm beforehand. AI technology provides functions as:

Face Database Management: Alert management of the previous thief entering the premises, stopping possible theft.

Face Image Search: Monitor staff traffic in high-risk areas, also much-reducing playback search time for the user.

People Counting.

Store entrances monitored by advanced cameras with people counting functionality counting foot traffic can export reports. Business efficiency is much improved using traffic analysis.

Business analysis report.

Shop owners can easily browse heatmap of shelf area and people counting reports creating a business analysis report. Structural features help the shop owners find the potential customers and guide marketing plan based on Statistical report analysis. 

Security cameras with Built-in Audio.

Disputes with provided video and audio evidence resolve faster.

cctv installation

CCTV Installation for Home

Security cameras can now offer early warning perimeter protection due to a combination of AI & IoT technology also much-reducing playback search time for the user.

How does it work?

The new deep-learning algorithm available in CCTV Systems today can identify moving objects and differentiate between human and vehicles, to finally avoid false alarms caused by tree branches, insects, shadows, wind or other environmental factors.

What can it do?

Detect – Analyze – Alarm

Activate IoT active deterrence camera with builtin microphone, white-light & siren.

Users are allowed to schedule alarm video-detect option within desirable hours to activate white-light & siren builtin active deterrence camera.

Sending push notifications are available on smart mobile phones when IoT camera notifies AI CCTV system of alarm. (Please note CCTV System requires a reliable internet connection.) 

Users are allowed to select people or vehicles for playback, thus much-saving target search time.

CCTV installation

Epidemic Safety Protection Solution

People flow control solution: Monitor the number of people allowed in the store.

Temperature monitoring solution: Only healthy individuals can enter the facility. Monitor body temperature and prevent person-to-person cross-infection.